Professional Doctorate for Roos Gerritsma

Professional Doctorate for Roos Gerritsma

As a Professional Doctorate candidate, associate professor Roos Gerritsma of the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam of Inholland University of Applied Sciences has been awarded funding by the SIA Regulating Body. With her Professional Doctorate (PD), Roos focuses on the question of how Amsterdam tourism can develop in a regenerative way. This involves tourism that serves the city and makes it even more vital, for example by involving stakeholders such as residents and neighborhoods and jointly developing solutions.

A total of seven funding applications for Professional Doctorate candidates have been approved. The funding is part of the pilot for a doctoral track in higher professional education: the Professional Doctorate (PD). The researchers, who come from various universities of applied sciences, will be tackling complex problems in the domains of Maritime, Health & Welfare, and Leisure, Tourism & Hospitality. For an overview of the candidates, go to this page.

Research on regenerative urban tourism

Roos is associated with our lab and the Creative Business knowledge center as an associate professor. Together with colleagues and students, she works on the transition of cities, including through participatory action and design-oriented research. Her PD trajectory ‘Regenerative urban tourism principles and practices as possible pathways for community capacity-building’ helps Amsterdam to realize its tourism ambitions. Since there are still few examples of regenerative tourism practices in (international) practice, Roos first of all focuses with her PD on a better understanding of regenerative urban tourism. She does this together with students, teachers and the professional field from the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab in Amsterdam North. Expected results are a conceptual framework for regenerative urban tourism and practical insights in the areas of community building, co-creation, placemaking, impact measurement and system change.

Startconferentie PD op 2 oktober

The PD pilot was started by the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the SIA Directorate. The pilot will officially start on Monday 2 October during the PD Start Conference, in the presence of education minister Robbert Dijkgraaf.

This day is about the contribution that the PD will make to major social challenges, about the impact of the PD on candidates, practice partners, universities of applied sciences and education. And also about what the PD means for science and the higher education system.

The conference will take place on October 2 at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. You can participate for free.

21 August 2023