Roos Gerritsma

Roos Gerritsma

Associate professor

Roos Gerritsma is associate professor at the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam, an initiative of Inholland University of Applied Sciences. Together with colleagues and students, she works on the transition to design-oriented research.

Roos considers the lab in Amsterdam North to be a testing ground for more: ‘North is the starting point, not the destination. By working here on complex challenges at a micro level, we can also make our mark at a macro level. Rather than designing quick fixes, we are building partnerships for the long term. Our interventions always consist of three steps: local expertise, local value creation and measuring local impact. In this way, we truly connect with local communities’.

The last few years, she mainly focused on a European research project that deals with inclusion and exclusion mechanisms in tourist cities and the application of placemaking methods in the redevelopment of urban areas. She is happy to share this knowledge with ENSUT.

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