Inholland in the picture 30 Mar '22 - 01 Apr '22

Inholland in the picture

The Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam & Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Rotterdam joined forces at the European City Marketing Congress in Hamburg (30 March – 1 April). Both labs are strongly connected with this network.

ULTL Amsterdam introduced the Codesign CANVAS model of (a.o.) Wina Smeenk. As a case study, the project of ULTL Rotterdam & Kenniscentrum Immaterieel Erfgoed Nederland about Intangible Heritage & Tourism in the West-Kruiskade Rotterdam were also introduced. Participants of the conference had the chance to register for the interactive session in which they could fill in the Codesign CANVAS themselves, led by Claudia Mayer (LAB Amsterdam), Ko Koens (lector New Urban Tourism), Charlotte Beukers and Raaphorst, Wendy (research lecturers).

In this session, they will be inspired to integrate this Codesign Canvas in their own working environment in order to make the invisible visible in the complex stakeholder playing field at their destination.

22 June 2022