ENSUT BarCamp on Regenerative Tourism

ENSUT BarCamp on Regenerative Tourism

On April 15th we hosted our first ENSUT BarCamp on regenerative tourism and placemaking. This BarCamp event brought together thought leaders, industry experts, and passionate individuals to explore the transformative possibilities of tourism that enhances both environments and communities.

The event commenced with a compelling keynote from Jenny Andersson, who eloquently introduced the concept of regenerative placemaking. Her insights set an optimistic tone for the day, emphasizing innovative approaches that can generate lasting positive impacts in tourism.

The discussions that followed were dynamic and inclusive, offering everyone a platform to share ideas and perspectives. These conversations tackled a range of important issues, from the challenges posed by mass tourism to the integration of sustainable practices and the crucial role of engaging youth in our collective journey towards a greener future.

Participants engaged deeply with topics such as practical steps for implementing regenerative tourism initiatives at both local and regional levels. The sessions were enriched with case studies and examples of successful strategies currently in use, providing attendees with actionable insights.

The energy and commitment exhibited by all present were truly inspiring. It was a day of passionate discussion, fruitful networking, and collaborative learning, all aimed at reshaping the tourism industry into a sustainable force for good.

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18 April 2024