Bringing Buzzwords to Life!

Bringing Buzzwords to Life!

On April 25th, the CityDNA #RealityCheck conference in Bologna provided an excellent platform for discussing the latest trends in destination marketing. One of the highlights was a workshop hosted by Ko Koens and Iris Kerst from Hogeschool Inholland, and Claire van Schagen from Rotterdam Partners. The session focused on the practical application of buzzwords in promoting destinations by Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs).

Workshop Highlights

The workshop offered a detailed exploration of the impact, challenges, and opportunities associated with using buzzwords in destination marketing. Key takeaways from the session included:

  • Clarity and Impact: The importance of making buzzwords understandable and impactful was emphasized. It is essential to give these terms clear definitions and tangible meaning to ensure they effectively communicate the intended message.
  • Continuous Improvement: Participants were encouraged to challenge themselves and their colleagues continually. The goal is to ensure that buzzwords are not merely jargon but convey real, concrete concepts.
  • Initiative and Experimentation: The workshop advocated for taking the first steps towards implementation. Experimentation and trying new approaches are crucial for making progress, even if it involves some trial and error.

Interactive Sessions

The interactive nature of the workshop began with a “Buzzword Bingo” activity. This engaging start set the tone for participants to personalize buzzwords and illustrate their application in real-world scenarios. The session concluded with lively interactions and creative interpretations, providing participants with practical insights and strategies to apply in their work.

Looking Ahead

The CityDNA #RealityCheck conference underscored the importance of clear, actionable communication in destination marketing. The workshop demonstrated that making buzzwords concrete and meaningful can significantly enhance their impact.

10 July 2024