Jasper Heslinga

Jasper Heslinga


Jasper is a senior lecturer-reseacher at NHL Stenden \ ETFI (European Tourism Futures Institute) & Program Manager for CELTH (Centre of Expertise Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality.

Jasper is specialised in understanding governance processes and the institutions that could help build resilient tourism destinations. He is also an expert in the field of tourism analytics and data science. He conducts research and gives advice with regard to tourism and recreation and the impacts on both landscapes and communities. Jasper has successfully completed his PhD research at the University of Groningen on how to balance the interactions between tourism and nature. He has gained insights into numerous academic concepts and translates them to real-life cases in practice. Jasper is capable of performing both qualitative and quantitative research methods. He regularly uses content analyses, stakeholder analyses, interviews, focus groups and online surveys.

For me, the ENSUT network would help me to increase the scope of collaboration on several important topics that relate to the visitor economy. As CELTH we are already facilitating research collaboration between institutes and industry, but with ENSUT the impact of research can be even broader.

All the ENSUT themes are well-chosen and relate to my expertise and fields of interest. Therefore, coloboration on all of these themes would make sense for me

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